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Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

Purpose of Committee


The Overview and Scrutiny Committee provides local accountability, allowing Councillors, who are not members of the Cabinet, to take a closer look at the decisions, polices and services of the authority, and other organisations, ensuring that they meet needs of the local community.


The scrutiny process allows Councillors to:


·         examine the various functions of the Council

·         ask questions about how decisions are made

·         consider how service can be improved and make recommendations

·         voice concerns and participate in the development of new services.

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee manages the scrutiny work programme, examines performance data, holds Cabinet Members to account and acts as the authority’s Crime and Disorder Committee. Issues of concern raised at the committee can be examined in more detail by task and finish working groups, membership of which could be drawn from the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, the wider Council (excluding Executive Members) or from other organisations if considered appropriate.  Issues for review do not have to be services provided by Gedling Borough Council but can include the work of other public service providers.  When evidence shows there could be a better way of doing things, the Overview and Scrutiny Committee can make recommendations for change, it aims to support improvement by putting forward evidence-based suggestions to influence decisions and actions.



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