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Consideration of an application for a premises licence- Oscars Events Limited


The Sub-Committee has considered an application for a Premises Licence at the above premises on 12 September 2017.


The Sub-Committee has considered evidence from:


i)             The Applicant, Oscars Events Limited represented by Walaiti Rathore, agent from Licensing Law Consultancy and Sharon Parker – Manager/DPS on behalf of the Applicant.

ii)            Interested Parties –

Mr Nigel English – Spokesperson on behalf of interested parties

Ms Michelle Parsons (written representations),

Mr & Mrs Unell (written representations),

Ms Cheryl Crum and Mr Lee Braidley (written representations),

Mr Phil Woodward (written representations)


In making its decision, the Sub-Committee has had regard to the Gedling Borough Council Licensing Policy, the guidance issued under section 182 of the Licensing Act 2003 and the Human Rights Act 1998 and has carefully considered all the evidence presented to it.


The Sub-Committee has made this decision to promote the 4 Licensing Objectives:


(a)          Prevention of crime and disorder;

(b)          Public Safety;

(c)          Prevention of Public Nuisance;

(d)          Protection of Children from harm.


RESOLVED to grant the application for a premises licence, subject to the Licensing Act 2003 mandatory conditions, at Annex 1, the conditions agreed with the Police and conditions stipulated in the operating schedule of the application, as set out below:


1.         Substantial food shall be available throughout the premises on every day that the premises is open to the public, until 22:00hrs.


2.         An internal and external CCTV system with recording equipment shall be maintained at the premises and operated with cameras in positions agreed with the Police. All recordings used in conjunction with CCTV shall be of evidential quality; indicate the time and date, and be retained for a period of 31 days; sufficient staff will be trained to use the system and the images will be made available for inspection and downloading immediately upon request to the Police or officers of a Responsible Authority.


3.         A bound and sequentially paginated incident/accident book shall be kept to record all instances of disorder, damage to property and personal injury at the premises. The book to be made available for inspection and copying by the Police and other officers of Responsible Authorities immediately upon request, and all such books to be retained at the premises for at least 12 months.


4.         No glass vessels shall be taken outside the front entrance to the premises.


5.         There shall be clear, prominent and legible notices placed both inside and outside the main entrance on Mansfield Lane; such notices to state that drinks are no to be consumed outside the area between Mansfield Lane and the premises.


6.         All staff to be given advice and instruction as to the precautions necessary to avoid noise breakout from the premises.


7.         All external doors and windows are to be closed after 23:00hrs when regulated entertainment is being provided except for access or egress and in cases of emergency.


8.         Clear, prominent and legible notices are to be provided at all internal exits and in the car park, asking customers to leave the area quietly and to respect the rights of the neighbours.


9.         After 23:00 hours no drinks in open vessels shall be taken outside the premises or consumed in the outside area. A designated smoking area shall be available for use by customer at all times.


10.      On no more than 12 occasions per calendar year the premises is permitted to provide licensable activities as detailed in the premises licence for pre-booked private events until 01:30hrs and remain open to the public until 02:00hrs. The Police must be notified in writing at least 14 days prior to such event. The Police reserve the right of veto over any such extension which can only be exercised within three days of notifying the Police and providing the Police have reasonable ground to exercise this right.


11.      Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the police, no licensable activities shall be carried out as authorised by this licence for a period of 2 weeks as a result of a suspension or revocation of any other licence for these premises following a review hearing. In such circumstances, should an appeal be lodged against a review decision, the period of 2 weeks shall begin following the conclusion of the appeal process.


The reasons for this decision are as follows:


The panel has carefully considered all the relevant representations and do not believe that there is sufficient evidence that the granting of this licence will exacerbate any existing problems.


i)              The conditions imposed, in consultation with the police, are proportionate and will act to control any potential anti-social behaviour/nuisance in keeping with the licensing objectives.


ii)             If problems do arise which can be directly related to this premises then the residents can apply for a review of the licence.


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