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Agenda and minutes

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Contact: Jane Ansell  Members' Services

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Apologies for Absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Powell and Councillor Prew –Smith.


To approve, as a correct record, the minutes of the meeting held on 23 April 2013. pdf icon PDF 19 KB




That the minutes of the above meeting, having been circulated, be approved as a correct record.



Declaration of Interests.




Covalent Performance Monitoring Report pdf icon PDF 41 KB

Quarter 4 2012/13, incorporating Portfolio Holder question and answer session.

Additional documents:


The Head of Strategy and Performance provided Members with the Quarter 4 Performance information. The Actions and Indicator reports analysed by portfolio were reviewed, and an Outcomes report was presented. 83% of areas are on target or completed (86 out of 103 actions).  67% of performance indicators (35 out of 52) and 11% are amber, just missing the target.





1)    Invite the responsible Portfolio Holder, Corporate Director and Service Manager to discuss the fall in the number of survey respondents satisfied with household waste collection and the waste strategy.

2)    Information regarding initiatives to reduce dog fouling to be communicated to Future Newstead.

3)    The Outcomes Report to be amended to be to Newstead Locality Co-ordinator on page 10.



Communications Policy – Strengths and Challenges


Councillor Michael Payne, Portfolio Holder for Communications and Public Protection, and Sam Whitworth, Service Manager, Communication were invited to the meeting to discuss the Council’s Communications policy, including how we consult with stakeholders. Members specifically requested information regarding the Aligned Core Strategy consultation, the communications and consultation policy and the tools we use for communications.

Councillor Payne gave an overview of the improvements made to the communications strategy adopted by the Authority and the challenges that exist.  He considered that the Communications team is a very small resource but effective, forward and outwards looking.  They have adopted a Communications Service Plan, have implemented brand guidelines and a media protocol.

Key projects have included the ‘Gedling Conversation’ to get politicians into the community find out what residents want.

The Aligned Core Strategy Consultation had to be handled very carefully and to do in any other way could have resulted in a consultation that could have been open to legal challenge. 

There are areas for improvement for example the need to improve Planning Communications i.e. the use of statutory public notices.

The way the Council communicates is changing with the advent of new technologies and it is important to ensure that the public has a choice in how they receive communications. A lot of work has been done around the use social media and this has been well received.

Relations between the authority and the media are very good.

Members were concerned about the amount of paper they receive and there was a discussion about how the number of paper copies could be reduced and the use of recycled paper.




1)    To thank Councillor Payne for his presentation

2)    That a benchmarking exercise would be undertaken on an annual basis over a one week period to gauge how people communicate with the authority and if the new channels available are making a difference.

3)    That the possibility of using recycled paper be explored



Scrutiny Work Programme Report pdf icon PDF 31 KB

Report of Councillor M. Hope.

Additional documents:


Members received an update on the proposed new scrutiny arrangements.  They were asked to consider which specific areas within individual Portfolios they would like presented at subsequent committees, and for suggestions for issues of concern that could be included in the scrutiny work programme for in depth review. To ensure that future topics for review provide challenge, respond to customer concern, changes in legislation or finance information for discussion would be made available at the August meeting. Members were invited to submit topics for consideration to the Members Services Team Leader.




1)    The Portfolio Holder for Environment  and the Corporate Director  with responsibility for Waste Services be invited to the December 9 meeting;


2)    The Portfolio Holder for Community Development and the responsible Corporate Director attend the 10 March meeting to discuss Localities, Community Centres and Community Engagement;


3)    Homelessness and hardship in the Borough be adopted as the first issue for in-depth review;


4)    Officers in the Elections and Members Services Team to be asked to research and identify other potential subjects for in depth review on the basis of their potential future impact on the Borough;


5)    Future topics for in depth review would be discussed at the next meeting; and


6)    Outstanding scrutiny reports and the Scrutiny Annual Report would be presented to the next committee.


Any other item which the Chair considers urgent.




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