Agenda and minutes

Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Monday 18 January 2021 5.30 pm

Venue: Virtual Meeting

Contact: Helen Lee  Democratic Services Officer


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Apologies for Absence and Substitutions.


Apologies were received from Councillor Hemingway.


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Programme of Portfolio Holder Attendance pdf icon PDF 149 KB

Report of the Democratic Services Officer.

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The committee welcomed Councillor Wheeler, Portfolio Holder for Housing, Health and Wellbeing and Councillor V McCrossen Portfolio Holder for Young People and Equalities who attended the meeting to discuss a range of issues that fall within their portfolios.  Lance Juby, Community Relations Manager also attended the meeting.


Councillor Wheeler presented an overview of detrimental impact the current pandemic has had on mental health for all age groups but particular children and young people. The prevalence of children with symptoms of mental health disorder such as anxiety and depression was outlined and how school closures and the withdrawal of the support they offer has exacerbated this problem.  The shortage of services available to help young people and the long waiting times for appointments was also explained.  Councillor McCrossen stressed the need to advocate for support for young people to try and narrow the attainment gap and to develop strong resilient young people for the future.


During discussion the following issues were highlighted


·         There have been a number of consultations to help identify the issues that are concerning young people both at national, county and borough level. 


·         There was a shortage of support available before the pandemic but the need has grown and waiting lists are long and has resulted in some young people accessing services through hospital A&E departments.


·         As Gedling is not responsible for health or 1st tier authority it can do little to support this problem but is was explained that members of the committee could consider funding small community projects

Other issues considered included the locations of Covid-19 vaccination centres and the cost of temporary accommodation.


The question received in advance relating to policy advisors was discussed and referred to the Leader of the Council. Answers were provided to the remaining questions submitted.




1)    Thank Councillor Wheeler and McCrossen for attending the committee


2)    Request information relating to the role and effectiveness of policy advisors

3)    Note the information.


Anti-Social Behaviour Trends pdf icon PDF 34 KB

Report of the Democratic Services Officer.


David Jayne, Community Safety Officer, attended the committee and informed the members about current trends in antisocial behaviour.


During discussion the following points were highlighted:


·         There had been a significant increase April - June, this was attributed to the unseasonably warm weather and included complaints relating to noise and bonfires.


·         Incidents are lower in the current lockdown.


·         Police systems record ASB in predefined categories and do not identify specific Covid related incidents.


·         Covid marshals have no enforcement powers and have to report breeches back to enforcement authorities for action to be taken. 




Note the information.




Gedling Plan Quarter 2 pdf icon PDF 364 KB

  Report of the Director of Corporate Resources andSection 151 Officer.


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David Wakelin, Director of Environment, Communities and Leisure introduced a report that had been circulated in advance of the meeting summarising performance at the end of Quarter 2.


The report informed members about the status of indicators and actions at the end of Quarter 2.  It was explained that a number of actions are due to be delivered across the three years of the plan, that some would be completed in year I whereas other actions may not commence until year 2 or 3.  Overall indicator performance at the end of quarter 2 shows that out of a total of 36 indicators 13 were on target, 3 slightly below target and 6 indicators missed target


Examples of particularly positive performance were highlighted, this included the successful administration and payment of 1,500 small business grants to support business facing financial difficulty during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Concern was raised about the lack of any affordable housing delivered and the use of section 106 contributions.


Members of the committee expressed their thanks to the staff for working so efficiently during the pandemic.




1)    Note the progress against Actions and Performance indicators for Quarter 2 of the Gedling Plan 2020-2023; and


2)    Request information regarding the building of affordable homes and the use of Community Infrastructure payments and section 106 agreements.



Corporate Management Risk Scorecard Quarters 1 and 2 pdf icon PDF 145 KB

Report of the Democratic Services Officer.

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Consideration was given to a report, which had been circulated in advance, relating to the Corporate Risk Management Scorecard Quarters 1 and 2 advising members of the current level of assurance that can be provided against corporate risk.


Members raised concern about Risk numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5 and the Council’s ability to maintain and deliver services. Additional information was requested for the next committee




1)    Request additional information relating to the identifies risks; and


2)    Note the progress of actions identified in the Corporate Risk Register.


Scrutiny Work Programme pdf icon PDF 128 KB

Report of the Democratic Services Officer

Additional documents:


2020/2021 Scrutiny Work Programme


Scrutiny Working Groups


Members were given an update on progress of the Flooding working group and the review that is considering access to temporary accommodation for victims of domestic abuse.


Scrutiny in Committee


It was agreed to invite Councillors P Barnes and Gregory to the committee on the 22nd April to discuss issues in their portfolio’s.




Note the information.



Any other item which the Chair considers urgent.