Council - Wednesday 15 November 2023 6.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber

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To approve, as a correct record, the minutes of the meeting held on 20 September 2023 pdf icon PDF 174 KB


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To deal with any petitions received under procedural rule 7.8


To answer questions asked by the public under procedural rule 7.7

Question 1


With reference to the Council’s own constitution published on its own website and dated 31 October 2023, in particular ‘Section 4 – The Full Council’. How does the Council feel the gendered language, which refers to Members and Mayor as ‘he’ in the constitution - language which is seen to reinforce glass ceilings rather than break them down, help the social mobility of women in Gedling Borough?


Question 2


I note that the Council’s constitution reads ‘If the questioner is not present at the meeting, the question will not be dealt with. In exceptional circumstances, in consultation with the Chief Executive, The Mayor has the discretion to put the question in the absence of the questioner, to defer it to the next meeting or to direct that a written response is provided’. My view is that the very tone of this aspect of the constitution deters people’s participation in our local democracy.


In 2023, given the technology available to us, I believe that a constitution that dictates a member of the public must attend a meeting limits people’s participation in our democracy. I believe that people with caring commitments, varied working patterns, NHS shift workers, people who have challenges with accessibility etc, should have full access to our democracy. These don’t strike me as ‘exceptional circumstances. The reasons I cannot attend this evening are far from exceptional, they are my ordinary weekly commitments.


Does the Council not agree that people’s participation in our democracy should not rest on the ‘discretion’ of the Mayor or Chief Executive and should be fully backed and protected within the constitution?


Question 3


What plans does Gedling Borough Council have in place to mitigate the use of council property being used to display election campaign material?


Question 4


Given that over several years there has been issues with Gedling Borough Council’s responses to Freedom of Information requests, for example:


• FOI 11304 – late response attributed to the ‘a issue with our FOI collation system’. The FOI was only answered once the requester chased the Council.


• FOI 11396 – wrong information was given in the response to the request. This was only picked up because the requester challenged the data. Gedling Borough Council responded, ‘we made an error on this question’.


• FOI 8728 – Late response


• FOI 12399 – Late response and partially answered response. Requester had to chase the Council for a response. The reason for the late reply was ‘This was due to no other reason that workload issues and annual leave.’ The reason the FOI was only partially answered was because ‘It would appear that I [the responder] was not provided with the full details of your query’. The requester had to chase the remaining parts of the query.


• FOI 12022 – Regarding Levelling Up bids. Initially the response said ‘We do not hold any feedback for round one, as this was dealt with by officers who are no longer employed by the Council. I have  ...  view the full agenda text for item 7.


To answer questions asked by Members of the Council under procedural rule 7.9


Gedling Statement of Licensing Policy pdf icon PDF 139 KB

Report of the Head of Environment

Additional documents:


Co-option of Parish Representative to Standards Committee pdf icon PDF 141 KB

Report of the Monitoring Officer


Changes to committee membership pdf icon PDF 52 KB

Report of the Democratic Services Manager


To receive questions and comments from Members concerning any matter dealt with by the Executive or a Committee (procedural rule 7.10)


Minutes of meeting Monday 4 September 2023 of Overview and Scrutiny Committee pdf icon PDF 128 KB


Minutes of meeting Thursday 7 September 2023 of Cabinet pdf icon PDF 221 KB


Minutes of meeting Tuesday 19 September 2023 of Audit Committee pdf icon PDF 15 KB


Minutes of meeting Thursday 21 September 2023 of Standards Committee pdf icon PDF 111 KB


Minutes of meeting Tuesday 3 October 2023 of Environment and Licensing Committee pdf icon PDF 119 KB


Minutes of meeting Wednesday 4 October 2023 of Appointments and Conditions of Service Committee pdf icon PDF 117 KB


Minutes of meeting Wednesday 4 October 2023 of Licensing Act Panel pdf icon PDF 15 KB


Minutes of meeting Thursday 5 October 2023 of Cabinet pdf icon PDF 116 KB


Minutes of meeting Wednesday 18 October 2023 of Planning Committee pdf icon PDF 333 KB


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Minutes of meeting Tuesday 31 October 2023 of Environment and Licensing Committee pdf icon PDF 117 KB


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To consider comments, of which due notice has been given, under procedural rule 7.11


To consider motions under procedural rule 7.12

Motion 1


This Council expresses its concern at the seriousness of the flooding across Gedling Borough, which took place on 20 October 2023 and subsequent days.


This Council recognises that homes and businesses have been damaged as a result of these flood waters and debris.


This Council recognises the severity of recent flooding and damage to properties in Woodborough and Lambley, as well as flooding impact in Burton Joyce, Newstead, Ravenshead and locations across Arnold and the wider Borough. This Council extends its sympathy and support to residents and businesses within our borough who have been personally affected by the recent flooding.


This Council expresses its thanks to everyone involved in the response to October’s floods, including the emergency services, members of the community, businesses, council officers and public agencies.


This Council notes that in November 2014 the National Audit Office warned half of Britain’s flood defence systems were being maintained at a ‘minimal level’ and were likely to ‘deteriorate faster’ as a result of government budget cuts.


This Council is disappointed that central government cuts to the Environment Agency led to a reduction in staff and capacity, with the independent Chair of the Environment Agency warning in a letter to government in April 2021, that without an 'uplift' in funding 'we would not be able to maintain all our defences in the desired condition, putting communities at risk.'


This Council urges the Government and the Environment Agency to urgently commit to providing significant capital funding and support for the communities of Woodborough, Lambley and other aforementioned flooding hot spot areas across Gedling Borough to help prevent and mitigate against future flooding.


This Council urges the Government to reform HM Treasury ‘green book’ rules for investment into flood mitigation, where an evaluation of cost against economic benefit is required. This means that some properties will never be protected because of this calculation, as it ignores wellbeing, stress caused and psychological impacts on flooded residents.


This Council commits to making representations to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on these issues.


Proposer: Cllr Michael Payne

Seconder: Cllr John Clarke


Motion 2


This Council expresses bitter disappointment and anger that the Conservative government has chosen not to give Gedling a single penny from the billions of pounds it has allocated as part of the Towns Fund (July 2021), Levelling Up Fund Round 1 (October 2021), Future High Streets Fund (December 2021), Levelling Up Fund Round 2 (January 2023), Levelling Up Partnerships (March 2023), Long Term Plan for Towns Fund (October 2023).


This Council also notes with disappointment the Conservative government’s decision not to award the communities of Gedling a single penny from the Levelling Up Parks Fund (September 2022).


This Council notes the unfairness and significant disparity when comparing the funds allocated to our nearest neighbouring councils and the fact Gedling’s communities have not received a single penny. The allocations from the Conservative government for Nottinghamshire councils from the Towns Fund, Levelling Up Fund Round 1, Future High  ...  view the full agenda text for item 14.