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Meeting attendance

Tuesday 6 February 2018 4.15 pm, Environment and Licensing Committee

Venue:   Council Chamber

Contact:    Lorna Mellors
Democratic Services Officer

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Councillor Marje Paling Chair Present
Councillor Nicki Brooks Vice-Chair Present
Councillor Bruce Andrews Committee Member Present
Councillor Sandra Barnes Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Bob Collis Committee Member Present
Councillor Sarah Hewson Committee Member Present
Councillor Barbara Miller Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Carol Pepper Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Alex Scroggie Committee Member Present
Councillor Jane Walker Committee Member Present
Councillor Paul Wilkinson Committee Member Present
Rachel Pentlow Officer Expected
Paul Gibbs Officer In attendance
Helen Barrington Officer Expected
Councillor Gary Gregory Substitute Absent
Councillor Meredith Lawrence Substitute Present
Councillor Stephen Poole Committee Member Expected
Andy Callingham Officer In attendance
Laura Chaplin Officer In attendance
Lorna Mellors Officer In attendance
Craig Allcock Officer In attendance


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