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Joint Consultative and Safety Committee

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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Councillor Alex Scroggie, Gedling Borough Council, Civic Centre, Arnot Hill Park Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 6LU, , 07774511050,
Councillor Emily Bailey Jay, Gedling Borough Council, Civic Centre, Arnot Hill Park, Arnold Nottinghamshire, NG5 6LU, , ,
Councillor Tammy Bisset, 53 Roundwood Road, Arnold, Nottinghamshire, , NG5 6GB, , 07714649222,
Councillor Paul Feeney, 63 First Avenue, Carlton Hill, Nottinghamshire, , NG4 1PH, 0115 910 4032, ,
Councillor John Parr, Pathways, 19 Sherington Close, Woodthorpe View, Arnold, NG5 6PY, 0115 953 7118, 0771 398 4292,
Councillor Muriel Weisz, 21 Melbury Road, Woodthorpe, Nottinghamshire, , NG5 4PG, 0115 9209100, 0776 484 6257,
Councillor Paul Wilkinson, 10 Whittingham Court, Whittingham Road, Mapperley, Nottinghamshire, NG3 6AZ, , 07905877832,
Councillor Gary Gregory, 4 Radcliffe Gardens, Carlton, Nottinghamshire, , NG4 1SB, 0115 911 5963, 0772 407 2517,
Councillor Helen Greensmith, 5 Brechin Close, Arnold, Nottinghamshire, , NG5 8GN, 0115 926 5254, ,
Alan Green, (Address not supplied)
Louisa Wass Griffiths, (Address not supplied)
Alison Hunt, (Address not supplied)
Gill Morley, (Address not supplied)
Sean Redgate, (Address not supplied)


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