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Application Number 2018/0551 - Colwick Business Park Road No 2, Colwick.


Demolition of two existing two storey office buildings, partial demolition of existing block of light industrial/ warehouse buildings. Construction of new three storey office building including roof plant screens and associated parking and landscape works.


The Service Manager – Development Services introduced the report.


RESOLVED toGRANT PLANNING PERMISSION subject to the following conditions:




 1         The development must be begun not later than three years beginning with the date of this permission.


 2         The development hereby approved shall be constructed in accordance with the plans and documents received on 5th June 2018 drawing no's: Drainage Strategy (E143_5000_p02); Drainage Layout Sheet 1 of 2 (E143_5001_P03); Drainage Layout Sheet 2 of 2 (E143_5002_p03); External Levels Sheet 1 of 2 (E143_5003_P02); External Levels Sheet 2 of 2 (E143_5004_P02); Manhole Schedules (E143_5006_P01); Typical Details (E143_5005_P01); Proposed Section AA (16156-A-4003); Proposed NE and NW Planning Elevations (16156-A-4011); Foundation and Ground Floor Slab Sections (E143-CHG-Z1-00-DR-S-0003); Proposed SE and SW Planning Elevations (16156-A-4010_p03); Bin Store Details (16156-A-7011); Design and Access Statement June 2018; Contamination Assessment; Proposed Hard Landscaping Details (16156-A-7008 - P02); External Lighting Layout and EV Charging Point (C17010-E-010); Proposed Site Plan (16156-A-2001 - P07); Proposed Roof Plan (16156-A-3004_P04); Demolition Plan (16156-A-1000); Proposed Second Floor Plan (16156-A-3003); Proposed First Floor Plan (16156-A-3002); Proposed Ground Floor Plan (16156-A-3001); Existing Site Plan (16156-A-1001_p03); Transport Assessment March 2015; and External Material Finishes.


 3         The development hereby approved shall be carried out in accordance with the approved Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) Rev B 17/08/18 Encon Associates Limited and the following mitigation measures detailed within the FRA: 1) Finished floor levels are set no lower than 21.78m above Ordnance Datum (AOD). 2) Flood resilience measures are implemented to at least 22.31m AOD as detailed in the FRA.


 4         The development shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the Contaminated Land Assessment (Geodyne ref. 2017.03.28-D34084 Geodyne - Contamination Assessment).


 5         Prior to occupation of any building(s) a Verification Report (that demonstrates the effectiveness of the gas membrane remediation to be carried out, as confirmed by email dated 22nd June 2018) must be submitted and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.


 6         No part of the development hereby permitted shall be more than 75% occupied before or until a Travel Plan including a Car Parking Management Plan has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The Travel Plan shall set out proposals (including targets, a timetable and enforcement mechanism) to promote travel by sustainable modes which are acceptable to the local planning authority and shall include arrangements for monitoring of progress of the proposals. The Travel Plan shall be implemented in accordance with the timetable set out in that plan unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.


 7         Before development is commenced there shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Borough Council details of a Local Employment Agreement to cover the construction of the development hereby permitted and the creation of new jobs in the local area.  The Local Employment Agreement shall be implemented strictly in accordance with the approved details, unless otherwise prior agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.




 1         In order to comply with Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.


 2         For the avoidance of doubt.


 3         To reduce the risk of flooding to the proposed development and future occupants and to reduce the possible consequences of an imminent flood event in line with the requirements of Part 14 of the NPPF, LPD3, and LPD4.


 4         To ensure that practicable and effective measures are taken to treat, contain or control any contamination and to protect controlled waters in accordance with the aims LPD 5 and LPD7.


 5         To ensure that practicable and effective measures are taken to treat, contain or control any contamination and to protect controlled waters in accordance with the aims of LPD5 and LPD7.


 6         To promote sustainable travel


 7         To seek to ensure that the development provides appropriate employment and training opportunities, in accordance with Policy 4 of the Aligned Core Strategy for Gedling Borough (September 2014) and LPD48.


Reasons for Decision


In the opinion of the Borough Council the proposed development would result in no significant impact on neighbouring premises or the area in general. The proposed development would represent sustainable development as identified in the NPPF. The proposal is acceptable from a highway safety viewpoint, raises no flood risk issues, health and safety issues or contamination issues. The works therefore accord with Policies E3 and ENV1 of the Gedling Borough Council Replacement Local Plan (Certain Saved policies 2008) and Policies 1 (Climate Change), 4 (Employment Provision and Economic Development) and 10 (Design and Enhancing Local Identity) of the Gedling Borough Aligned Core Strategy (2014).


Notes to Applicant


The Environment Agency recommend that the occupants of the development sign up to receive Environment Agency flood warnings by phone, email or text message which is a free service


The proposed development lies within a coal mining area which may contain unrecorded coal mining related hazards. If any coal mining feature is encountered during development, this should be reported immediately to The Coal Authority on 0845 762   6848. Further information is also available on The Coal Authority website at specific summary information on past, current and future coal mining activity can be obtained from The Coal Authority's Property Search Service on 0845 762 6848 or at


I bring your attention to Carlton Footpath 22 which runs alongside the south eastern boundary and is the access road to the site. The availability of the footpath should not be affected or obstructed in any way by the proposed development at this location unless subject to appropriate diversion or closure orders. The Rights of Way Office should be consulted in any re-surfacing or proposed structure issues. Developers are also made aware of potential path users in the area who should not be impeded or endangered in any way.


For any new connection(s), into the public sewer or the reuse of an existing sewer connection(s), you will need to apply under Section 106 Water Industry Act 1991 as amended by the Water Act 2003. Severn Trent New Connection Team currently processes Section 106 applications and can be contacted on 0800 707 6600 for an application pack and guidance notes (or visit Applications to make such connections should be made separately from any application for adoption of the related sewers under Section 104 Water Industry Act 1991 as amended by the Water Act 2003.


Planning Statement - The Borough Council has worked positively and proactively with the applicant in accordance with paragraph 38 of the National Planning Policy Framework (2018). Negotiations have taken place during the determination of the application to address adverse impacts identified by officers. Amendments have subsequently been made to the proposal, addressing the identified adverse impacts, thereby resulting in a more acceptable scheme and a favourable recommendation.


Advice regarding travel plans can be obtained from the Transport Strategy Section at Trent Bridge House, Fox Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 6BJ, contact


The development makes it necessary to alter the vehicular access arrangement over the footway of the private road no. 2. These works shall be constructed to the satisfaction of the owners of the road. You should therefore contact the owners as this is not highway maintained at public expense.


Date Recommended: 21st August 2018



Supporting documents:


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