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Application No. 2018/0392 - Land At Chase Farm


Re-elevation of houses and apartments (71 No Plots).


The Service Manager – Development Services introduced the report.


RESOLVED to Grant Full Planning Permission: Subject to the applicant entering into a deed of variation amending the original Section 106 Agreement to planning approval: 2015/1376 with the Borough Council as Local Planning Authority and with the County Council as Local Highway and Education Authority for the provision of, or financial contributions towards affordable housing, open space, healthcare facilities, highways, educational, air quality, a local labour agreement and library facilities; and subject tothe conditions listed for the reasons set out in the report.




 1         The development must be begun not later than three years beginning with the date of this permission.


 2         This permission shall be read in accordance with the details within the Application Form and Drawings submitted on the 13th April 2018 drawing no's: 17057C_P101; 17057C_P102; 200 (House Types 580T and 1157T); 17057C_201 (House Type 764T and 891T); 17057C_202 (House Type 842T and 857T);17057C_P203 (House Type 867T and 954T); 17057C_P204 (House Type 1224v3_1054); 17057C_P205 (House Type 1224v3T and 1244T); 17057C_206 (House Type 1216v1T); 17057C_P210 (Apartment Block Type 1 - 4 Storey); 17057C_P211 (Apartment Block Type 3 - 4 Storey); P212 (Apartment Block Type 5 - 4 Storey); 17057C_P300 (Streetscene 1 and 2); 17057C_P400 Materials Plan); 17057C_P100 (Location Plan); Design and Access Statement; and the letter dated 1st May 2018 amending materials in connection with drawings 17057C_P200; 17057C_P300; 17507C_P400. The development shall thereafter be undertaken in accordance with these plans / details unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.




 1         In order to comply with Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.


 2         For the avoidance of doubt.


Reasons for Decision


In the opinion of the Borough Council the proposed development is visually acceptable, results in no significant impact on neighbouring residential properties and amenities and would not have any impacts of Highways Safety. The proposed development therefore accords with Policy 32 of the Local Planning Document, Saved Policies ENV1 and H10 of the Gedling Borough Replacement Plan, Policy 10 of the Aligned Core Strategy, and the aims set out in the National Planning Policy Framework.


Notes to Applicant


Planning Statement - The Borough Council has worked positively and proactively with the applicant in accordance with paragraphs 186 to 187 of the National Planning Policy Framework. During the processing of the application there were considered to be no problems for which the Local Planning Authority had to seek a solution in relation to this application.


The applicant is advised that all planning permissions granted on or after 16th October 2015 may be subject to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Full details of CIL are available on the Council's website. The proposed development has been assessed and it is the Council's view that CIL IS PAYABLE on the development hereby approved as is detailed below.  Full details about the CIL Charge including, amount and process for payment will be set out in the Regulation 65 Liability Notice which will be sent to you as soon as possible after this decision notice has been issued.  If the development hereby approved is for a self-build dwelling, residential extension or residential annex you may be able to apply for relief from CIL.  Further details about CIL are available on the Council's website or from the Planning Portal:


Date Recommended: 27th April 201


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