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Application No. 2017/0201Land North of Papplewick Lane LInby


Application for Approval of Reserved Matters in relation to Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale of Outline Planning Permission no: 2013/1406.


The Service Manager, Development Services, introduced the report.


Ms. Roberta Norris, a local resident objector, addressed Committee.




Approve the Reserved Matters under planning application no: 2013/1406 in relation to the Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale of the proposed development.




1.         The development hereby permitted shall be constructed in accordance with the following approved drawings and documents: House Types and Garages, received on 16th February, 2017; Materials Palette, received on 2nd March, 2017; Proposed Boundary Detail (SD-9-05), received on 7th March, 2017; Proposed Footpath/Cycle Barrier (16043-09 Rev: CA), and Garage Parking Plans (16043-10 Rev: CA), received on 12th May, 2017; Proposed Site Plan (16043-01 Rev: CP), Proposed Materials Plan (16043-05 Rev: CK), External Works Plan (16043-08 Rev: CG), and Soft Landscape Proposals, Sheets 1 to 7 (GL0716 03B, GL0716 04B, GL0716 05B, GL0716 06B, GL0716 07B, GL0716 08B, GL0716 09B), received on 30th June, 2017 and Engineering Layout Sheet 3 of 4 (E680-12 Rev: D), received on 6th July, 2017.




1.         For the avoidance of doubt and to allow a proportionate approach to minor material amendments.


Notes to Applicant


The applicant should note that notwithstanding any planning permission that if any highway forming part of the development is to be adopted by the Highways Authority, the new roads and any highway drainage will be required to comply with the 6C's Design Guide in conjunction with Highway Development Control's requirements for Nottinghamshire County Council as the Highway Authority: (a) The Advanced Payments Code in the Highways Act 1980 applies and under section 219 of the Act payment will be required from the owner of the land fronting a private street on which a new building is to be erected. The developer should contact the Highway Authority with regard to compliance with the Code, or alternatively to the issue of a Section 38 Agreement and bond under the Highways Act 1980; (b) It is essential that design calculations and detailed construction drawings for the proposed works are submitted to and approved by the County Council (or Borough Council) in writing before any work commences on site.


The applicant's attention is drawn to an informal planning guidance document which has been produced to try and define what sustainable development means in the context of air quality, and how the Borough Council might help decrease levels by incorporating mitigation measures into scheme design as standard.  See: The Borough Council would also ask that the developer considers the commitment to incorporate provision for an EV (electric vehicle) charging point(s); to allow employees and/or clients/visitors to charge electric/plug-in hybrid vehicles whilst on site. Reference can be made to guidance produced by IET Code of Practice for EV Charging Equipment Installation for details of charging points and plugs specifications.


The proposed development lies within a coal mining area which may contain unrecorded coal mining related hazards. If any coal mining feature is encountered during development, this should be reported immediately to The Coal Authority on 0845 762   6848. Further information is also available on The Coal Authority website at specific summary information on past, current and future coal mining activity can be obtained from The Coal Authority's Property Search Service on 0845 762 6848 or at


The Borough Council has worked positively and proactively with the applicant, in accordance with paragraphs 186 and 187 of the National Planning Policy Framework, based on seeking solutions to problems arising in relation to dealing with the planning application. This has been achieved by providing details of issues raised in consultation responses; requesting clarification, additional information or drawings in response to issues raised; and providing updates on the application's progress.




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