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Programme of Portfolio Holder Attendance

Report of the Elections and Members’ Services Officer.




Councillor David Ellis, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection attended the meeting to discuss a range of issues.  He explained that many of the issues he would discuss were similar to the earlier discussion with the Police and Crime Commissioner as much work is undertaken in partnership with the police.


Areas which fall within the Public Protection Portfolio include

·         Crime Reduction and Community Safety, this also includes licensing and taxi licensing

·         Emergency planning

·         Safeguarding

·         Environmental Health


Councillor Ellis explained the range of responsibilities that fall within his Portfolio.

 He then discussed the current crime statistics for the whole of the South Nottinghamshire Community Safety area and Gedling.

Community Safety issues and concerns mirror those previously discussed, cybercrime and terrorism have been previously highlighted but modern-day slavery is also becoming a problem.

Netherfield for a number of years showed a decrease in crime but this is now rising particularly in the areas of shoplifting and violence against a person. Burglary other which includes attempted or actual from sheds, garages etc.  is also increasing.  Anti-Social behaviour is the most common community crime this includes fly tipping, neighbour disputes, criminal damage and noise nuisance.  The authority are very active partners in tackling these issues and along with the Antisocial Behaviour Officer and CCTV has some success.

Speeding is seen as a low priority for the police, the Community Road Safety Partnership has the lead on this although the Police will assist at specific locations.

Licensing includes a raft of responsibilities including, alcohol, and gambling and sex establishment regulation. Taxi licensing improvements have included an improved fleet, the use of the knowledge test and safeguarding training. There are now fewer Gedling badged vehicles but those that remain are of a higher standard.   Possible future improvements include operators undertaking Disclosure and Barring Checks, changes to medical conditions for licenses and an enforcement protocol with other licencing authorities.

The emergency planning remit within the Portfolio includes Gedling as a level 1 responder supporting initiatives to meet a range of incidents and emergencies, providing business continuity and support to the community.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.  The Gedling Antisocial Behaviour /Vulnerable Persons Panel is chaired by the Community Safety and Safeguarding Manager.  There is a referral process for vunerable persons including those affected by hate crime and repeat victimisation, with an Anti-Social behaviour multiagency response for, individuals groups or locations.  There has been a refocusing of this work to include closer work with the Family Service to support troubled/complex families.

The Environmental Health function includes food safety,  89% of the premises in Gedling score 4 or 5 on the food hygiene rating scheme, Private sector land lord issues, filthy and verminous premises and visual amenity is also included.

A number of enforcement cases have been successful including those relating to noise, littering, smoking and fly tipping.

Work takes place to support food businesses, supporting the Best Bar None scheme, advising private sector tenants.

Future developments will include producing hate crime analysis, although this is not a big problem in Gedling,  closer working with the County Council to support troubled families, integrating fly tipping and abandoned vehicles, expansion of food hygiene training and closer working with the Police when co-located at Jubilee House.


Member asked about how locations for covert cameras to catch fly tipping were decided and suggested cameras are located on the Oxton Road near Calverton. 

It was explained that there are two aspects to fly tipping the first being clearing up and the second involved tracing the offender and taking prosecutions.  Members considered that householder should be made aware of their responsibility of ensuring that items are disposed of properly and that they can be fined if fly tipped by a third party.  It was agreed that consideration should be given to an article in the next Contact magazine explaining this.



Members were updated on two issues in the Health, Housing and Wellbeing Portfolio as requested at the last meeting.


Members considered the service areas they would like to discuss at the next committee.  These included:

·         The regeneration of Carlton Square

·         The former Carlton Brass headquarters

·         Arnold market

·         The empty homes policy, both public and privately owned properties and if there has been any significant change now that empty properties pay Council Tax

Members will be contacted nearer next committee to identify further areas for examination.




The additional information relating to the cost of bed and breakfast accommodation and debt advice was noted.




·         Thank Councillor Ellis for a very informative presentation

·         Explore the inclusion of an article about fly tipping in the next edition of the Contacts magazine

·         Request Councillor Hollingsworth to discuss the areas identified

·         Note the additional information.











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