Agenda item

Application no. 2016/0808- 786 Mansfield Road, Daybrook, Nottinghamshire.


Installation of a mezzanine floor to measure 1,115 sq m for use as retail floor space.


The Planning Delivery Manager introduced the report.




To grant planning permission subject to the following conditions:




1.         The development must be begun not later than three years beginning with the date of this permission.


2.         The development hereby permitted shall be implemented in accordance with the application form, site location plan, Supporting Statement, Sequential Test and drawing no. 01 "Existing site plan", received on11th July 2016, and revised drawing no. 02 "Proposed site plan" received on 09th September 2016, and Transport Statement received on 2nd August 2016.


3.         Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Borough Council, this permission shall only permit the sale of tents, camping and caravanning equipment and accessories, outdoor pursuit equipment and accessories (including walking, climbing, skiing, cycling, fishing, running and horse riding) along with associated clothing and footwear, carpets, floorcovering, builder's merchants and home improvement goods, fitted kitchens and bathrooms, furniture and home and soft furnishings, beds and bedding products, homewares, electrical and electronic goods, bicycle and spare parts, motor accessories and goods ancillary thereto, domestic hire shop and ancillary cafe.


4.         This permission shall be restricted in respect of retail floorspace to units of not less than 500 sq m gross floorspace each, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Borough Council.





1.         In order to comply with Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.


2.         For the avoidance of doubt.


3.         To ensure the proposal is in accordance with the aims of the National Planning Policy Framework (2012).


4.         To ensure the proposal is in accordance with the aims of the National Planning Policy Framework (2012).


Reasons for Decision


In the opinion of the Borough Council the proposed development would not have a significant impact on the vitality and viability of existing centres or on highway safety and would accord with the aims and objectives of the National Planning Policy Framework (2012).



Notes to Applicant


Positive and Proactive Statement - The Borough Council has worked positively and proactively with the applicant in accordance with paragraphs 186 to 187 of the National Planning Policy Framework. During the processing of the application there were no problems for which the Borough Council had to seek a solution in relation to this application.


The proposed development lies within a coal mining area which may contain unrecorded coal mining related hazards. If any coal mining feature is encountered during development, this should be reported immediately to The Coal Authority on 0845 762   6848. Further information is also available on The Coal Authority website at specific summary information on past, current and future coal mining activity can be obtained from The Coal Authority's Property Search Service on 0845 762 6848 or at


It is brought to your attention that any external changes to the front of the retail unit may require planning permission and the advice of the Borough Council should be sought before implementing any changes.


The applicant is advised that all planning permissions granted on or after 16th October 2015 may be subject to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Full details of CIL are available on the Council's website. The proposed development has been assessed and it is the Council's view that CIL is not payable on the development given that the development comprises a retail mezzanine(s) which is to be located in an existing retail property.






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