Agenda item

Application No. 2015/0913- Sainsburys Local, 1 Nottingham Road, Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire.


Demolition of existing car showroom (use class sui generis) and erection of convenience store (use class 1) with associated landscaping, car parking and servicing.


The Planning Delivery Manager introduced the item.




To grant planning permission, subject to the following conditions:




1.         Notwithstanding any indication given in relation to the proposed off-site highway works, which shall be implemented in accordance with the terms of condition 2. The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans:  Wallbrook Management Plans 13/W14215: 200 revision B (site plan), 201 revision B (location plan), 204 (proposed ground floor plan), 205 (proposed first floor plan), 210 (proposed elevation A), 211 (proposed elevation B), 212 (proposed elevation C), 213 (proposed elevation D, 217 (proposed plant detail), 218 (proposed sections), and 219 (existing and proposed street scenes). Vectos Plan VN30200-200 revision B (general arrangement) and drawing number 1058-02 (soft landscape proposals) prepared by Arthur Amos Associates, as amended by the details submitted with application 2015/0284NMA drawing no.'s: 2001 Rev D, 2002 Rev D, 2003 Rev B, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 Rev C, 2011 Rev C, 2012 Rev C, 2013 Rev C, 2014, 2015 Rev D, 2020 Rev C, 2021 Rev C, 2022 Rev C, 2025 Rev A and 2030 and the details submitted with applications: 2014/1368DOC and 2015/0228DOC.


2.         The off-site highway works hereby approved shall be completed in accordance with the approved S278 Highway Improvement Plans received on 13 July 2015 drawing no's: VD14226-D001, VD14226-D002, VD14226-D003, VD14226-D004 and VD14226-D005.


3.         The use hereby permitted shall not be open to customers outside the following hours: 0700hrs to 2300hrs.


4.         The net sales floorspace of the convenience store (defined as the sales area within the building excluding checkouts, fitting rooms, lobbies, concessions, customer toilets and walkways behind the checkouts) shall not exceed 254 sq m, of which no less than 85% shall be used for the sale of convenience goods (defined as food and non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, newspapers and periodicals, and nondurable household goods) and no more than 15% may (be) used for the sale of comparison goods (defined as clothing materials & garments, shoes & other footwear, materials for maintenance & repair of dwellings, furniture & furnishings, carpets & other floor coverings, household textiles, major household appliances whether electric or not, small electric household appliances, tools & miscellaneous accessories, glassware, tableware & household utensils, medical goods & other pharmaceutical products, therapeutic appliances & equipment, bicycles, recording media, games, toys & hobbies, sport & camping equipment, musical instruments, gardens, plants & flowers, pets & related products, books & stationery, audio-visual, photographic and information processing equipment, appliances for personal care, jewellery, watches & clocks, other personal effects).


5.         The external areas of the site shall be landscaped, in accordance with the details shown on plan number 1058-02, within the first planting season following the store being first brought into use. Thereafter, any trees, shrubs or plants that die or become seriously diseased within five years following the implementation of the landscaping scheme shall be replaced in the next available planting season with plants of a similar size and variety.




1.         For the avoidance of doubt.


2.         For the avoidance of doubt


3.         To protect the amenity of nearby residents and to ensure a satisfactory development, in accordance with the aims of policy ENV1 of the Gedling Borough Replacement Local Plan (Certain Policies Saved 2014).


4.         To ensure a satisfactory development, in accordance with the aims of policy ENV1 of the Gedling Borough Replacement Local Plan (Certain Policies Saved 2014).


5.         To ensure satisfactory development, in accordance with the aims of policy ENV1 of the Gedling Borough Council Replacement Local Plan (Certain Policies Saved 2014).


Reasons for Decision


In the opinion of the Borough Council the minor material amendment to amend the off-site highway works would not result in any significant undue highway safety implications.



Supporting documents: