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Application no. 2021/0734 - Westdale Lane East, Gedling

Planning Application 2021/0734


The Chair moved item 5 forward on the agenda.


Change of use of rear ground floor store to be incorporated into the existing ground floor flat to create a two bedroom flat and first floor extension to create a one bedroom flat with external steel staircase.


Yvonne Poxon, a local resident, spoke against the application.


The Principal Planning Officer introduced the report. 


He went on to update members in terms of consultation responses from the Highways department who had clarified that they did not object to the application and the Environmental Health Officer did not object, but had highlighted that the development would need to comply with Approved Document E of the Building Regulations.


He concluded that planning permission should be granted in accordance with the officer’s report and proposed an additional condition requiring details of a boundary treatment to enclose the proposed garden to be submitted to and approved in writing prior to the first occupation of the hereby approved first floor flat.




To GRANT PLANNING PERMISSION: subject to the following conditions:




1         The development must be begun not later than three years beginning with the date of this permission.


2         The development shall be undertaken in accordance with the revised site location plan received on the 12th June 2023 and the revised elevation and floor plans received on the 10th May 2023, drawing number PO1A, B.


3         The first-floor flat hereby approved shall not be occupied until such time as details of the boundary treatment to enclose the proposed garden area have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority, and installed in accordance with the approved details.  The boundary treatment shall thereafter be retained for the lifetime of the development.  




1         In order to comply with Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.


 2         For the avoidance of doubt.


3         In the interests of residential amenity and in accordance with Policy CS10 of the Core Strategy and Policies 32 and 43 of the LPD Part 2.



Reasons for Decision


I am therefore satisfied that the development and use of the premises will result in no undue impact onto neighbouring properties or the area in general. The development will also result in no undue impact on highway safety and whilst no parking is provided to serve the flats, given the location of the site in a sustainable location I am satisfied that off road car parking is not required in this instance. The proposal therefore accords with the NPPF 2021, policies 6 and 10 of the Aligned Core Strategy 2014 and policies LPD32, LPD50, LPD57 and LPD61 of the Local Planning Document 2018.


Notes to Applicant


Your attention is drawn to the attached comments from the Council's Public Protection Officer: The resistance to the passage of sound in buildings must comply with Approved Document E of the Building Regulations 2010 which sets out standards for the resistance to airborne sound and impact sound between and within dwellings. Approved Documents E covers: Separating walls, floors & associated flanking transmissions for new buildings Internal walls, floors & stairs for new buildings Dwelling houses & flats formed by a material change of use Rooms for residential purposes Common internal parts of buildings containing flats or rooms for residential purposes. Approve Document E states that it is good practice to consider the layout of rooms in separate dwellings at the design stage to avoid placing noise sensitive rooms next to rooms in which noise is generated eg not situating living areas or kitchens above or next to bedrooms. This will reduce the likelihood of future complaints about impact noise."


The applicant is advised that all planning permissions granted on or after 16th October 2015 may be subject to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Full details of CIL are available on the Council's website at  The proposed development has been assessed and it is the Council's view that CIL is not payable on the development hereby approved as the gross internal area of new build is less 100 square metres


The attached permission is for development which will involve building up to, or close to, the boundary of the site.  Your attention is drawn to the fact that if you should need access to neighbouring land in another ownership in order to facilitate the construction of the building and its future maintenance you are advised to obtain permission from the owner of the land for such access before beginning your development.





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