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Programme of portfolio holder attendance

Report of the Democratic Services Manager


Members welcomed Councillor David Ellis, Portfolio Holder for Local Pride and Community Engagement to the meeting to examine his portfolio. Councillor David Ellis gave a presentation, providing an update to members on some key happenings in his portfolio.


No questions or areas of concerns had been submitted in advance of the meeting so Councillor Ellis delivered an update on various areas of responsibility within his portfolio. He gave the following updates:


1)     Recorded crime in Nottinghamshire has returned to pre-Covid levels with an upward trend overall but particularly where cyber-crime is concerned. The statistics at the local level showed similar trends at a lower rate of increase.


2)     Local policing priorities for Jan – March 2023 involved the anti-social use of vehicles, drug supply and possession and the “Fatal Four” driving offences which include using mobile phones while driving, driving under influence, no use of seatbelts and driving under influence.


3)     Events planning for the coming year is ongoing and the events schedule will soon be published.


4)     A survey of parish councillors and clerks has been sent to identify issues and what support is needed from the borough. Included in the survey is a question to gauge parish councillors’ interest in parish conferences.


5)     The member training strategy was considered, composing of two sections such as induction training and medium/midterm training, seeking feedback from Members.


The Chair gave Members the opportunity to ask questions of Councillor Ellis’ portfolio.


Members noted that the figures are from a police and crime survey, asking who does this and how frequently.


Councillor David Ellis explained that two surveys are carried out, nationally and locally, which are completed quarterly.


Members queried how the figures for reported crime in 2019 differed from 2022 so a comparison can be made to represent periods which did not include a lockdown.


Councillor David Ellis explained that he did not have those figures to hand but did agree that the figures from 2020/21 would differ greatly from the 2019’s pre Covid-19 period.


Members noted the Neighbourhood Wardens working hours were during the day and that there are outstanding vacancies, asking what is being done to address this.


Councillor David Ellis explained that Neighbourhood Wardens have been difficult to recruit and agreed that having 24 hour cover would be difficult to achieve so deciding their working hours form part of operational delivery depending on when they are needed most. The Chief Executive explained that the Council has three Wardens at present, having hired a warden recently before they left for an alternative job. He explained that the Council is currently seeking to fill those vacancies.


Members queried the induction/mid-term training planned for Members, asking whether there will be more frequent refresher training, including evening sessions.


The Democratic Services Manager informed Members of a consultation due to go out which will allow all Members to provide feedback on training needs and requirements such as availability and also confirmed that consistent refresher training will form a part of the plan for member training.



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