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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.


Information about Cabinet

Leader of the Council


Councillor John Clarke


· Overall strategy and delivery of agreed Council priorities and objectives.


· Oversight of all Cabinet responsibilities.


· Building and developing relationships with partners at a local, regional, national

and international level to pursue matters of interest to the Council and the



· Representing the interests of the Council and the wider community on the

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Combined Authority, East Midlands Council,

and other key strategic local, regional and national bodies.


· Oversight of the Council’s Collaboration Agreement with Newark and Sherwood

and Rushcliffe Councils.


· Building and maintaining positive relationships with and between elected

Members and employees.


· Promoting and encouraging effective corporate governance and the highest

standards of probity.



Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Resources & Reputation


Councillor Michael Payne


· Budget strategy, financial management and local taxation.


· Asset Management, including the Council’s investment property, sales and

purchase of land.


· Communications, marketing and promotion.


· Media relations.


· Customer Services, information and communications technology.


Portfolio Holder for Public Protection


Councillor David Ellis


· Crime Reduction and Community Safety.


· Emergency Planning.


· Safeguarding.


· Environmental Health.


Portfolio Holder for Growth & Regeneration


Councillor Jenny Hollingsworth


· Planning policy, development management and building control.


· Transportation.


· Town Centre management and development.


· Inward investment, business engagement, promotion and support.


· Housing Development.


· Employment and Skills.


Portfolio Holder for Housing, Health & Well-being


Councillor Henry Wheeler


· Leisure Centres and Sports Development.


· Health Promotion and development.


· Bonington Theatre.


· Homelessness and Housing Needs.


· Housing and council tax benefits.


· Liaison with Public Health and Clinical Commissioning Group.


Portfolio Holder for Environment


Councillor Peter Barnes


· Waste Management.


· Street cleaning.


· Maintenance and development of parks, open spaces, cemeteries and



· Energy management and sustainability.



Portfolio Holder for Community Development


Councillor Gary Gregory


· Community centres.


· Neighbourhood Working.


· Community Events.


· Arts, culture and play.


· Community Engagement and Consultation, including liaison with the voluntary

sector and Parish Councils.


· Equalities.


· Members’ services, including member training and development.


All Portfolio-holders have the authority to:-


1. Make all executive decisions, within their area of responsibility, on matters

which are not reserved to Cabinet and within the limitations of the Financial

Procedure Rules.


2. Monitor service performance, within their area of responsibility and take action

to improve performance where necessary, in conjunction with the relevant

Head of Service.


3. Respond to consultation documents received by the Council within their area

of responsibility.


4. Approve policies and procedures within their area of responsibility.


5. Authorise the commencement of any proceedings in connection with any

offences within their area of responsibility.


6. Determine fees and charges within their area of responsibility.


7. Make recommendations to the Cabinet, within their area of responsibility, on

matters reserved to Cabinet.


When taking decisions, professional advice from officers, including the statutory officers, should be taken into account.



Policy Advisor to the Cabinet for Equalities – Councillor Roxanne Ellis


· To champion the needs of young people, bringing their priorities to the attention of Cabinet.


· To work with the Gedling Youth Council and support their development and influence within the Council and beyond.


· To ensure a systematic way of gathering the views of local young people and feeding these into service and budgetary planning.


· To assist the Portfolio Holder for Growth and Regeneration in reducing levels of youth unemployment.


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