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Agenda and draft minutes

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Jessica (in France), Michael (at work) and Holly (ill).


Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 94 KB


The minutes were agreed as an accurate record.


"Be Positive" Campaign

Presentation by Robert Mellors Primary School.


Robert Mellors Primary School visited the Youth Council and gave a presentation on their “Be Positive Campaign” and being happy.


They said that the majority of people are unhappy and sometimes don’t enjoy school and that we need to change it and try and make people happier in Gedling.


What we can do:


·        Present the problem to schools and explain why it is necessary.

·        Maybe Youth Council representatives could go into schools using activities or give an assembly presentation.

·        Posters, school banners with slogans to remember and get all kids involved in making them so they get stuck in people’s heads.

·        Some sort of competition to increase popularity and understanding of the subject.

·        Help parents to understand the point or reason of this and support their children in being happy.

·        A different presenter, maybe not an adult, but children to support other children in it. Perhaps, someone who was sad and present with them and display differences, video or clip about them.



Key Themes Work Planning

Youth Councillors will split into their sub groups to plan their work on the key themes of Bullying, Transport, Careers and Youth Provision, including arranging sub group meetings. Sub Groups will then briefly update the Youth Council on their plans.


Youth Councillors split up into their sub-groups to discuss their key issues and fed back their thoughts to the group.


Bullying Sub Group


·        Link work to the “Be Positive Campaign”.

·        Use videos, real life stories.

·        Raise awareness that racism and sexism are against the law.

·        Introduce bullying unit, especially in Primary School, to set an early example.

·        Introduce some independent help, an anonymous forum for discussion maybe a meeting or website.

·        Clearly display bullying problems and adverts on certain websites so that people are constantly aware.

·        Reminded people anyone can be a bully e.g.  teachers, adults.


Transport Sub Group


·        Too expensive to use buses; need to make them cheaper for young people.

·        Need more bike routes for cyclists.

·        Advertise companies so if they do cut prices more people will know about it.

·        Ask transport expert about what they can help with.




·        More personnel needed to help with decisions for careers and options.

·        More pairing with outside companies needed.

·        Help with Duke of Edinburgh award or National Citizen Service.

·        Clear advertising for careers information.

·        Advice provided at Gedling for anyone who wants it.

·        More opportunities in schools so everyone can have a clear idea of what they are going to do.

·        Cadets or army visiting schools showing what they do and why, also other people with careers visiting schools to explain to people what is required for each job.


Leisure & Youth Provision


·        Need things closer to home.

·        Age group specific activities.

·        Family activities.

·        More events over a spread time period.

·        Cost’s may need cutting people can’t always afford it.

·        More advertising for events to help with amount of people.

·        Preserving existing facilities to save money on new facilities.

·        More safety in public areas e.g. lights.




Any Other Business


Youth Council discussed a team building away day activity. It was decided that the activity would include climbing and rafting and that Youth Councillors would pay towards the cost and bring their own lunch to save money for another time.


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