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Recognition of Long Service

Meeting: 28/03/2017 - Appointments and Conditions of Service Committee (Item 75)

75 Recognition of Long Service pdf icon PDF 98 KB

Report of the Chief Executive and the Service Manager, Organisational Development.


The Chief Executive introduced a report, which had been circulated prior to the meeting, proposing changes to how the Council recognises long serving staff members. The report had already been considered and endorsed by the Joint Consultative and Safety Committee (JCSC) which made an additional comment for consideration to be given to awarding a lapel pin to employees with 10 years’ service.




1)    To vary Council policy through adoption of the original proposals made by Senior Leadership Team as detailed in section 3 of the report with effect from 1 April 2017; and


2)    Not to accept the additional proposal offered by the JCSC, to award long-service lapel badges at ten years’ service.





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