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Christmas Holiday Arrangements

Meeting: 29/07/2015 - Appointments and Conditions of Service Committee (Item 4)

4 Christmas Holiday Arrangements pdf icon PDF 202 KB

Report of the Chief Executive, the Service Manager, Organisational Development, and the Service Manager, IT and Customer Services.



The Chief Executive and Service Manager, Organisation Development, presented the report, which had been circulated prior to the meeting, reporting back the recommendations made by the Joint Consultative and Safety Committee (JCSC) following the formal consultation exercise that took place at the meeting on 16 June 2015 in order to inform the decisions of this committee in respect to implementation of the change to terms and conditions of employment. 




1.     the proposals for changed terms and conditions be agreed with immediate effect specifically in relation to:


a.     The removal of the fixed concessionary day’s leave and the addition of an extra day’s annual leave;


b.     The regular application of a non-contractual day’s leave on Christmas Eve when the day falls on a weekday;


c.      The minor wording changes made to bring the Employee Handbook up to date to reflect current legislation and internal working practices of the Council; and


2.     the amended Leave and Time off Work Policy be approved.




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